Online Courses 

52 Weeks of Wisdom

The Church has a problem... we are not very wise. Do you want to be known as a person of wisdom? In this course, you will invest in your life with one video a week for an entire year as we walk through the book of proverbs. These 5-minute videos will impart revelation to walk in wisdom every day.

How To Become an Empowering Leader

Caleb has put 17 years of leadership experience into 5 videos designed to change the world within you and around you. "How to Become an Empowering Leader" is about strengthening those you lead and unleashing them into their full potential and destiny. This course will give you the keys to lead powerfully from the inside out.

Flesh Free Christianity

This course is designed to mature you in the finished work of Christ. Dive deep into the Biblical truth that you are flesh free right now! Video content outlining the key verses that declare what the Finished work of Christ has done!