Caleb Hyers is an author, public speaker, worship leader and missionary with a deep passion to see every worshiper of God believe and express the finished work of Christ, As the Senior Leader of The Resting Place Tampa, he leads with an all out reliance on the voice of God.

Caleb is a Published author with 5 Fold Media, a Podcaster with Charisma Podcast network, an Elijah List published writer and a traveling speaker throughout the United States. 

He is married to the incredibly gifted Jamaris Hyers and they have two boys, Judah Levi and Shiloh Elijah. Alongside his family, Caleb is working to see the Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

My Story

I grew up with great christian parents who took me to church every Sunday. I was the good kid but I also questioned everything and moved against the injustices I saw. One time a guy in my middle school was holding a disabled kid inside a stall and wouldn’t let him out. He had a crowd laughing with him and making fun of the kid in this motorized wheelchair on the other side of the door crying to be released so he could just get to class. Although the guy was about three times my size I bull rushed him and shoved him off the door letting the kid out. This quickly turned into the butt-kicking of a lifetime… and I was on the receiving end.

So though I am not one to break the rules I have always been willing to stand up against the evil I see in my part of the world, no matter what the “rules” say. I used to think this would be enough to get me through any challenge. It wasn’t until my first marriage fell apart that I found out how utterly helpless I actually was. In many ways, I was not nearly the powerful person I thought. It was in my divorce that I faced the reality that some challenges are going to crush me. After a lot of healing and the wonderful gift of my wife Jamaris, along with my amazing children, I am now on a mission: I will see the saints mature in Love.

I am not talking about the feeling of love, I am talking about the reality. I am talking about the, “never give up, stand up for what is right, I’ve got your back, I am yours and you are mine” kind of love! I am talking about the love of God in Christ Jesus. The one who died for us and as us. The one who raised from the dead and sent the Holy Spirit to empower us to love one another just as God has loved us. That is the love I will see matured in the saints. Everything I do, my books, my online courses, my preaching, music… everything is unto this goal. I will mature the saints in love so that we will right the wrongs of this world and hold on tight to one another no matter how difficult it gets.

I invite you to join me on this mission.