Living In Dependenceville

Have you been trying to go it alone without relying upon God for all things? Or do you celebrate and rest in His provision every day? Either way, we all live in Dependenceville—a place of dependence upon God. This book shows you through the Word of God how to become fully aware of your absolute need for God. Discover the amazing benefits of depending upon Him, not just for some things or even most thing, but for all things! God took Caleb Hyers, a simple worship pastor, on an adventure of a lifetime. In one year, Caleb travelled to five different countries, got married, went on two honeymoons, was given a free car, paid off a credit card, and paid all of his bills—all while going without any income. He lives and thrives in this place called Dependenceville and invites you up to this city on a hill.

195 Thoughts Worth Thinking About

Jesus said that His followers should be as shrewd as serpents and as gentle as doves. The Church should therefore be the most brilliant thinkers on the planet. This book is designed to get the Church thinking again. Meant to be interacted with, there are 195 thoughts to spur on deep revelation and practical application. Thoughts like: “Worry is the worship language of Hell.” “Truth sent through fire only comes out more true.” “Pray for patience. Its the first thing Love is.” Dive in and interact with these challenging and intriguing thoughts, letting the Spirit of Wisdom lead you into all truth.

Lead Worshiper 

Spirit-led worshipers are rising up! There are many worship leaders who find it difficult to actually worship. The result of losing their first love relationship is performance based church services and no real movement of the Holy Spirit. This trend is glaringly apparently but totally unnecessary. It is possible to abide in a place of worship that is in spirit and in truth. After leading worship for over 14 years, Caleb Hyers explores the following in “Lead Worshiper” * How to always be honest and never fake it while leading worship. * Understanding our position in Christ as new creations and how that impacts the way we approach God in worship. * Understanding what the presence of God actually is. * How to maintain a first love, intimate relationship with the God of Love. The calling to worship ministry is one of the highest privileges anyone could have. These concepts will position you to be a true Worshiper all the days of your life.

The Wild, Weird and Wonderful Ways of Yahweh

God is not boring. He is not dull, dry nor bland. Yet many have failed to see this. What if the scriptures reveal a God who thinks and acts outside of the box? What if the God of the Bible does things that are odd to our finite human minds? This book explores the lesser known aspects of God's character that might offend your intellect while intriguing your spirit. Be invited to go on this journey of discovering The Wild, Weird and Wonderful Ways of Yahweh.

Common Unity: Rediscovering the church’s blueprint for oneness.

"Common Unity" was the unique response of God when asked, "What are You saying to Your people?"The Church has always been called to be the standard for unity. But have we let go of that responsibility as of late? We must be a people willing to be an extension of the love and heart of God to the lost and found. The only thing that binds a free people together is love.

This book will take you deep into that revelation and you will experience the depths and riches of His heart for you, and His body. The ultimate goal is simple: The lost will be found, the found will be free and Peace will reign. Common Unity was written with the hope that these principles would inspire The Church of Jesus Christ to come together around the one unifying element that we actually all have: the Person of The Son of God, Jesus Christ the Righteous.

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