Teaching Videos 

Wholeness Teaching Series

The Hebrew term for peace is "shalom" and it means wholeness. Nothing missing or lacking. God paid for our wholeness with the precious blood of Jesus. We should be a people who walk in wholeness every day because of what Christ has done. Tune into this 5 part series taught by me and Scott Smylie of The Resting Place Tampa today!

Common Unity Teaching Series

What does it look like to have true community? God spoke to me and showed me how we are to seek a common unity. This teaching series explores how the only thing that binds a free people together is love. Watch and be blessed today by this four part series.

Value(able) Seasons Series

Wouldn't it be great if we got value from every season of life? Here is the secret: to get value from every season, you have to properly value your season! Listen to this short 3 part teaching series on how to do just that and find the strength of God in every moment of your life.